Privacy Policy

  1. This is blanket policy covers all websites that we have direct control and/or ownership over, regardless of their domain. At the current time, this covers the following website:
  2. We will not share, or relinquish any information you give us at any of our sites to ANYONE, unless so ordered by the court. If a request, or demand comes from anyone…AND WE MEAN ANYONE…and they don’t have a legal court order to back it up, presented to and authenticated by our attorney, then they will NOT get your information.
  3. Since we may occasionally be presented with an opportunity, product, or service that MAY be of interest to our guests, we do reserve the right to pass this information on to you THROUGH OUR CHANNELS ONLY. Again, YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT be released to a third party for them to do this themselves. We respect, and want to protect your privacy. I assure you that these situations will be rare, and based solely on whether you may be interested in this particular item, service, or product based on participation you showed at our website previously.
  4. Anything that we may pass on to you will be FROM US TO YOU. If at anytime you should feel that this is in error, or that someone may be taking advantage of the situation, please contact us at and include the offending ad. If it was sent from us, we will immediately remove you from the list. We ask that you send us the offending email so that if it is NOT from us, we can:
    • Determine who sent it out
    • Determine how they got your name and email address from us
    • Take every possible legal action we can to STOP THEIR SPAMMING.

As stated, we respect your privacy, and deeply appreciate your visiting our site for your personal and business needs. It is not our intention to offend, or intrude on, anybody’s personal space. We do feel however that there are those occasional opportunities, or the case where certain information deserves being passed on to those we know. We feel that the method of sending email is much better in the long run, since the delete button works so well.

We hope that you find us reasonable, and if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please email us.

Thank you,

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